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School Health Guidelines

Schools play a critical role in improving the dietary and physical activity behaviors of children and adolescents. Schools can create environments supportive of students’ efforts to eat healthy and be active by implementing policies and practices that support healthy eating and regular physical activity and by providing opportunities for students to learn about and practice these behaviors.

The health of students is linked to their academic success. Both physical activity and healthy eating may help improve academic achievement.4–7

Healthy eating and regular physical activity play a powerful role in preventing obesity and chronic diseases, including heart disease, cancer, and stroke — the three leading causes of death among adults aged 18 years or older.8–12

Days Pre-primary Grade I – X
Weekdays Monday – Friday 8:30am to 12:30pm 8:30am to 3:30pm
1st and 3rd Saturday of Every Month Holiday 8:30am to 12:30pm

Uniform :

  1. No party frocks with sequence and beads.
  2. No draw – strings on clothes.
  3. No party shoes with high heels only comfortable shoes with Velcro.
  4. No over-sized ill fitting dresses and trousers to be worn.
  5. No sticker bindis and unnecessary hair accessories to be worn
  6. No dangling earrings (only small studs).
  7. No chains, anklets, bangles and bracelets to be worn.
  8. No Mehendi or Tattoo.


  1. Pupils should be punctual and regular.
  2. All pupils should be neat, clean and tidy.

For Parents

Parent’s co-operation:

  1. Parent’s co-operation is an essential part of running an efficient educational institution. Parents are earnestly requested to ensure that their children/wards are regular, punctual and disciplined.
  2. Parents/Guardians are requested to sign the diaries everyday. Report cards should be collected and returned on the specified dates. Regular follow-up of their child’s academic progress should be done with the Parents.

Note for Parents :

  1. If Parents are found involving themselves directly or indirectly with the administration of the school, the school reserves the right to remove the names of their children from the rolls of the school..

School Bus/Transport Guidelines

  1. Nursery and UKG classes are completed by 12:30pm. Respective class teachers and support staff escort the children to the school bus by 12:40pm. Pre Primary students do not have classes on Saturday.
  2. Grade-I to Grade-X students classes are completed by 3.30pm. School pupil leader’s escort the children to the school bus 3.40pm.
  3. Pickup/drop points for every route are mapped at the beginning of the academic year and the same is informed to the students and parents during registration for transportation.
  4. All parents are requested to be present at the pickup/drop points 5 minutes prior to departure and arrival times.
  5. Bus routes are tightly programmed in order to get the children and teachers to school on time. The buses WILL NOT wait for late comers either at the pickup/drop points.
  6. Students have to make their own transport arrangements if they wish to participate in after school activities and remedial classes.
  7. Should there be any change in assigned personnel for pickup/drop of students from their respective points, the same needs to be informed through the school diary of the student or to the transport supervisor.
  8. Any change in bus route, pick up/drop point or mode of transport, by the students, even for a day, needs to be notified to the school authorities in writing, by parent/authorized guardian.
  9. Bus timings/routes may periodically change in order to increase efficiency of travel time or to accommodate new students.
  10. Buses cannot provide door-to-door service, as students should not spend unwarranted time commuting to and from school.

Students must

  1. Treat the school bus and equipment with care and respect.
  2. Obey the rules and regulations set forth by the school during transfers.
  3. Keep the aisles clear of books, band instruments, etc.
  4. Remain seated while the bus is in motion.
  5. Refrain from conduct that diverts a driver’s attention from his primary job endangering the safety of other staff and students.
  6. Refrain from extending their head, arms or any other body part out of the windows or doors of the school bus for safety reasons.
  7. Should not use Laptops, MP3 players, IPod etc.,
  1. Poor behavior, disobeying the instructions of staff members on the bus, causing danger to self or to other students may lead to withdrawal of the transport privilege on the school bus.

Fees Payments

  1. The annual fee may be split into 3 installments, for the convenience of the parents, and are due in May, September and January. Fee should be paid on or before 10th of the month specified.
  2. In the event of late payment of fee. Rs. 150/- per day will be charged on fee paid after the due date.

Transportation Rules

  1. Bus timings/routes may be periodically changed to help students reach quicker or to accommodate new students. Buses cannot provide door-to-door service, as students should not spend unwarranted time commuting to and from school.
  2. Students are expected to maintain proper decorum on the bus, failing which, penalties, including exclusion from the bus service, will apply.


Policy for Late Comers & Leave Of Absence

  1. Attendance is compulsory on the first and last working day every term. Students should not be absent before the close and beginning of the term. Parents are requested not to extend vacations for any reason. Reason for absence from school must be stated and duly signed by the parent in the leave record provided in the diary.
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