Why Fun And Learn

Why Fun & Learn

1. We mould our methods to suit the needs of each child.
2. We encourage children to think independently and focus on developing their confidence.
3. We don’t believe in Right = Good instead Wrong = Bad. We believe that mistakes help us learn and get
better each time.
4. Learning is never restricted to the classroom – Experiential outdoor activities are equally
5. Our curriculum uses the best from the different methods of the Various educational Philosophies
like Reggio Emilia Methods, Montessori Methods, Jolly Phonics, Grolier Educational aids to name a



Latest News

  • Admissions Open for 2021-2022. Limited seats left-Call to book an appointment
  • Online Classes are being conducted for Nursery, LKG and UKG. Online teaching will continue until the Government permits regular running of schools.