Hello, my name is Renuka Nair and I am the founder/Director of FUN AND LEARN pre-school. I started my career with Sophia High school followed by a stint at Presidency school, R.T. Nagar. After this I worked at Vidya Niketan, Hebbal, for about four years.
A question many parents have asked me is – Why should my child attend Pre school? Pre school is the first experience the child has in a structured setting with teachers and groups of children.


It gives an opportunity to the child to learn, to share, follow instructions and lays the foundation for learning that will take place in formal schools.
In our role as a bridge between home and the formal school system, we foster in the child, the ability to spend time away from parents and grand parents and build trusting relationships with adults not from the family.

One of the most rewarding experiences is when younger siblings of former students
are brought to school for admission. For me, more than anything else, this is the true affirmation of the school’s worth.
Today I am proud and happy that for the last five years FUN AND LEARN is rated among the top Pre-schools of Bangalore.

Mrs. Nair is an arts graduate and has completed a two year Trained Teachers Certificate from Notre Dame, Bangalore. She has over 20 years experience in working with young children.

Fun and Learn provides the right platform for integration of knowledge , values , life skills through its well researched and structured content . Apart from this,the school has adopted an innovative curriculum that incorporates theory, visual learning and practice of multiple intelligence proposed by Dr Howard Gardener, who said, ‘It is of the utmost importance that we recognize and nurture all of the varied human intelligences and all of the combinations of intelligence ”

The school fosters an environment within which students can develop their learning abilities at their own pace and cultivate a friendly and stress free atmosphere of trust between the staff and students.

mission is to mould young minds and create in them a desire to dwell harmoniously in the modern society , to develop a passion for learning and eventually achieve academic excellence.

The staff of Fun and Learn are empowered to explore and upgrade their own abilities. They are made to attend various subject and personality development workshops and seminars for enrichment. Open forums like PTM provide a healthy platform for teachers and parents to interact constructively and discuss objectively about the progress of their wards.

Syllabus, Academic Year and Assessments

The educational philosophy at the Fun and Learn is to follow a flexible and well researched curriculum to suit students with different intelligences. The multiple intelligence approach is used to indentify the child’s strengths and we strive to train them in the most holistic manner. Montessori cum Traditional method is followed at the pre-primary level.

The academic session begins in June each year ,continuous evaluation of students work throughout the year forms the basis of assessment.

Academics and Faculty

The medium of instruction is English students are evaluated on a continuous evaluation throughout the year. Evaluation is done by the faculty .

Infrastructure and facilities

The class rooms are age appropriate, spacious well ventilated with ample natural and artificial lighting ergonomically designed furniture with smart boards and teaching aids artistically designed to facilitate the learning process. The faculty endeavor to nurture the wholesome personality of a student by encouraging participation in a range of activities to tap the creative side of the individual.

Science classes at Fun and Learn are designed to prepare children for the 21st century, since kids forget what is taught by the teacher but not if they are actively involved in the learning process. So children are made to do simple experiments that fascinate them which is a great way to enjoy the world of science, example – Eggs sink in normal water, so what can you do to make it float ?. Adding salt to water can give some surprising results, making a vinegar volcano etc . The science faculty encourages children to understand concepts of science topics and find solution through practical application of knowledge.

Library is well equipped and aims to provide comprehensive service for both study and recreational needs of the students . The students are also provided with a fine audio visual room with a projector linked to the internet. With its treasure trove of information and wisdom the library periods incorporated with the time table will enable children to score and perform better in reading and writing skills.

Cultural and Literary Programme :A wide range of activities are incorporated in the schools schedule in order to channelize, orientate the creative energies of the teachers , thereby students are trained for various functions like annual day, sports day, national festivals , religious festivals. These activities bring out the talents embedded in the students. It provides the platform to showcase their skills in speaking , dancing, singing etc.

Transport Facilities

Transport facility is provided for an area within a radius of approximately 2 kms from the school. Our school van is always accompanied by a senior support staff member.


Affordability and accessibility for all sects and sections.
Balance between academic, Physical activities and other extra curricular activities.
Opportunity for each child to excel and gain confidence before their transition to regular school.


In a caring and positive environment, Fun and Learn Pre- School provides education to empower our students to recognize and optimize their full potential to achieve individual standards of excellence in academics as well as in supportive areas of physical , cultural and social development, inculcating civic and human values.


To mould the young minds and create in them a desire to live a full life in the modern society to learn and grow and contribute as honorable and worthy citizens .To develop a passion for learning and academic excellence.


1. We mould our methods to suit the needs of each child.
2. We encourage children to think independently and focus on developing their confidence.
3. We don’t believe in Right – Good & Wrong = Bad. We believe that mistakes help us learn and get
better each time.
4. Learning is never restricted to the classroom – Experiential outdoor activities are equally
5. Our curriculum uses the best from the different methods of the Various educational Philosophies
like Reggio Emilia Methods, Montessori Methods, Jolly Phonics, Grolier Educational aids to name a