Admission Process :

  1. Application forms can be completed either by using the website or visiting the school in person
  2. School counselors are available to discuss any queries regarding academics, facilities and school policies (For online enquiries, school counselor will call and schedule an appointment with the parents)
  3. Appointment to meet the Principal can be scheduled by notifying the admin office or at the front desk
  4. Application forms will be issued at the admin office (Timings: 9AM – 4PM on week days and 9AM – 12PM on Saturdays)
  5. Registration process completes after payment of Registration fee in the admin office along with the submission of duly filled application form and the documents attested to the same
  6. 4 Passport size photographs of the child and one passport size photograph of both the parent should be submitted along with the application
  • Copy of birth certificate is mandatory to complete the admission process. If the birth certificate does not mention the name of the child, an affidavit for the same should be submitted along with the birth certificate.

Age and Time :

Minimum age Criteria for admission to respective grades is as follows:

PRE -NURSERY1.10 to 2.109:30 to 11:30
NURSERY2.10 to 3.109:30 to 12:00
LKG3.10 to 4.109:00 to 1:00
UKG4.10 to 5.109:00 to 1:00