– Class Rooms:

Our classrooms have a seating capacity of 25, well ventilated with ample
natural and artificial lighting. Child friendly and well designed furniture,
Black/white Boards and teaching aids that facilitate the learning process.

– Safety and Hygiene:

We take safety seriously, a safe and well organized classroom that makes
children feel safe and secure.
Washing hands regularly.

Sanitization, Fumigation, Sanitizers and Temp Gun, Toys, Tables, chairs and other surfaces are sanitized and the end of each school day.

-Fire extinguishers are available on each floor.
CCTV cameras installed inside, outside and around School.

– Fully equipped Medical kit.
– Doctor on call
Play Area and equipment
– 2500 Sq ft of safe play area with Play station, Slides, Sea-saws, Parachute, Play
Tent, Inflatable swimming pools(used during summers).

– Providing a comfortable and safe transportation facility is just as important as
ensuring top quality education. AC Van, experienced Lady Driver, Assistant
support staff and GPS Trackers available.

– Comfortable reading space with cushions for children
– Books for age groups from 1.10 months to 6 years. Categorized and arranged
according to age.
– Books benefit these young kids by helping them establish a love for the
language Fosters critical thinking and supports them creativity and awareness of
their environment.
– Book Handling from a very young age.